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What is this "Ring of Power"?

This is a commercially available device that has been around for several decades. There is a lot of similarity between the ROP and the Blakoe Ring. The benefits over the Blakoe Ring is that the ROP is a lot cheaper to get your hands on one and the ROP can be easily resized/adjusted for the users maximum comfort.  The Ring is worn on the groin, close to the body and is unnoticeable. 

The ROP is a simple device. It is physically comprised of;

*zinc (higher quality the better)

*copper rod                                                                                              

*polycarbonate tubing

The main problem being zinc material is extremely hard to find. And getting the materials to produce a steady voltage and reaction.  The Copper and Zinc, both need to be the same dimensions and of food grade quality.



Ok.. but why zinc and copper?

Zinc is at -0,763 Volt, copper at +0,521 Volt. The difference between this two values is the theoretical voltage of this galvanic element using this two metals (1,284 Volt); in the case of the Ball Zinger, the values are lower, because the skin moisture is a poor acid compared to a real acid.  Our Ring produces 1.25 volts of measurable voltage.  You can actually measure it with a multimeter while wearing it!! 

You must ONLY use the highest grade ZINC and COPPER available.  DO NOT use any other metals, such as silver, nickel or even plated materials!  The reason is ONLY ZINC is proven to raise TESTOSTERONE in males, the COPPER also provides male benefits that work in conjunction with the ZINC.  Stay away from anyone trying to sell any other metals.   Don't take our word for it.. Copper and Zinc are the two main ingredients for male enhancment products worldwide, like Enzyte.

Electricity to my groin?
Never fear, you do not feel it. It is such a small volt that there is no constant sensation to you, although some have reported being able to feel something slight when carrying a full bladder or if the area is moister than usual (eg after a shower). There have been no reports of people being shocked or being put in any pain. Generally 99% of the time you feel absolutely nothing.


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